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No matter your needs, large or small, we have a range of options that fit precisely.
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Our core services include

> IT Procurement and Project Management
> IT Infrastructure & Data Cabling
> IT Installation
> IT Maintenance
> IT Recycling
> IT Leasing

Sole Systems can procure all elements of your business needs.

From the simplest requirements for cables or toners to the most complex storage attached networks, our knowledge of both IT and what business demands from IT is unrivalled. We take the time to understand your business requirements and help you choose the right solution. Our relationships with our suppliers span 20 years and you can be confident that you will always receive the best pricing and delivery times.

Having sourced the most suitable hardware and software, our expert IT staff will manage and execute the project to a pre-agreed plan complete with client approved milestones and performance targets.

IT Infrastructure & Data Cablink

Soles Systems can provide structured cabling installations backed with the assurance of the manufacturer's warranty from Excel and Hellerman Tytton. Planning and installing any infrastructure requires special care and attention and our highly qualified engineers take pride in every job and provide the same level of service, whether they are simply moving a point or carrying a out complete office installation.

We plan every project carefully and consistently meet our deadlines to ensure minimum impact to your business. If you don't require our cabling installation services we can also provide products for your own installation at very competitive prices.

Solutions include

  • CAT5E & CAT6 Structured Cabling
  • Shielded Structured Cabling
  • Fibre Optic Cabling
  • Voice/Multicore Telephone Cabling
  • Test Equipment & tooling
  • Cable labelling and testing
IT Installation and Maintenance

Our IT Installation service offers a dedicated IT support service for small and medium businesses, covering all IT requirements, including Servers, PCs, laptops and peripherals. Our business support service is ideal for companies without a dedicated internal IT resource, ensuring that your systems are in safe-hands and leaving you to focus on managing the day-to-day business.

We understand that for most organizations, IT is critical to the success of your business. We are therefore 100% committed to ensuring that it's 'business as usual'. Whatever the size or scale of your technology installation requirements, Sole Systems have the capacity, capability and experience to install, setup, configure and bring into operation your IT and communication systems.

Whether your requirement is for the installation of a small network or a complex installation across multiple locations or branches, Sole Systems engineers and Project Managers have the experience and track record to ensure your systems are up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Below are some of our tailored services covered within our installation service.

  • Software and Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Software & Hardware Installations & Upgrades
  • Critical Patches/Updates Verification & Implementation
  • Antivirus Database Verification & Updates
  • Malicious Software Removal
  • Mailboxes Setup & Configuration
  • Backup Verification
IT Installation and Maintenance

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

With our SLA - a priority response agreement - which takes preference over any package listed below, it is paid for annually in advance with the option of spreading the payments monthly. There are no call-out or labour charges.

Full Site Audit

All our customers receive a full site audit which includes all installed software and hardware for all computers on site. All machines and servers can be monitored and updated with the latest security patches.

Monthly Retainer

A package designed for IT Departments and small office users. Customers on this package will pay an annual or monthly retainer, which will guarantee a priority response (usually next business day, in addition to this call out and labour costs are charged at a reduced rate.

Telephone Support

A simple and efficient way of resolving minor problems, by simply logging your call to our support centre we arrange for a CCS engineer to respond to your call and provide you with easy to understand advice to resolve the matter in hand. Payable per incident.

Remote Server Support (RSS)

We provide server cover through remote diagnostics. By implementing RSS, saving both time and money, any glitches can be easily remedied, without loss of working time ...for this special service and others mentioned.

Remote Desktop Support (RDS)

We will provide you with support direct to your desktop, so if you user as a problem we can take control and resolve the problem while they watch. Your users will be able to show us the problem so we can resolve it immediately.

IT Recycling

IT recycling is not simply about safe disposal, although it is an important consideration and, in many cases, a legal requirement. These days much redundant IT equipment can generate revenue for its owners by being re-used in countries where technological demands are not so high. We are experts in identifying IT equipment with a residual value, and therefore can return this revenue to our clients.

In all cases we can ensure that your data is removed and that all security issues are addressed to give you complete peace of mind. Where re-use is not possible, we can always arrange for safe, secure disposal that meets all legal and environmental requirements.

IT Leasing

Leasing makes financial sense to many companies – both large and small – and the simple fact that 90% of firms of chartered or certified accountants choose leasing shows how financially efficient it can be.

We can arrange leasing for all your IT needs from the hardware and software right through to the maintenance and training – spreading the cost over a number of years.

And leasing is a highly efficient way to budget for future expenditure. All rentals are fixed for the duration of the agreement allowing you to forecast accurately, rental agreements are 100% tax allowable - gaining almost twice the tax relief over the agreement period, and leasing both preserves your existing lines of credit and protects your cash reserves.

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