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What we’ve done and how we’ve gone about it. And how the Sole Systems services has paid dividends.
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How our IT sourcing skills helped Fonehouse beat the big players

Fonehouse are a leading independent mobile phone company with a reputation for matching – or beating - the offers made by far bigger companies with international resources.

That’s why - when packages combining free laptops with mobile phone contracts became a major marketing ploy - they came to Sole Systems for help sourcing and supplying laptops at a price that would help them compete with their bigger rivals.

Using our close relationships with major manufacturers, not only were we able to source a high spec laptop from Toshiba - but purchase directly from the manufacturer at a price that allowed Fonehouse to put together an attractive, competitive marketing package.

It was a hugely price-sensitive deal. Had the laptops been too expensive, the promotion would have lost money – too low spec and it would have been insufficiently attractive.

Yet we were able to find a solution that was just right – and which proved to be highly successful and profitable for Fonehouse

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